Sandra Anderson


Photography gives one an opportunity to freeze that special moment in time.

Marlene Askins

Tag Line

Bonnie J Becker


"It's all in the detail"

Debanjana Bhattacharjee

Doli Biondillo

Cynthia Blake

Barbara Blake

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Oil, Photography

Blue Wave Art

Cheryl Burns


"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Confucius

Sandra Cassens

John Cello


Nature, where light and color create beauty!

Laura Clark

Mixed Media

Every day is a new experiment.

William Dare

Carmen Albertolli Daughtry

Photography and Digital Art

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Pablo Picasso

Lorie Dauphine

Marlene Davis

Suzanne Dillman

Millie Doud

Sean Dubois

Deb Duwel


Bringing the low country to life through photographic art.

Phil Duwel

Terrance Eagan

CB Eagan

Dorothy Riley Ellis. (Dorie)


Fun retirement mode allows time to answer a lifelong passion to paint.

Susann Foderaro


Inspiration from the colors of the Low Country

Beverly Frank

Oil on Canvas

Always....trying to capture the beauty of nature

Dick Fremberg

Suzanne Gaff

Jim Gleason

found art 3-D

I animate the inanimate

Tatyana Gluzberg

Michael Green

Heath Hardee

Lesta Sue Hardee

Eric Heiden

Marylin Hester

Ralph Jones

Robin Joseph

Barbara Keller

Barbara Kohn

Pastel, Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil and Mixed Media

I enjoy painting unusual subject matter with strong contrasting light and dark such as Noctunes.

Francine Mabie

Acrylic, mixed medium, photography

South Carolina inspires new perspective in my work.

Nick Mariano



Pat Mariano

Collage, Digital, Painting

Amy Marr

Oil and Pastel

Waterfront views, beaches, marshes, boats, city scenes and animals

William Maurer


It is in loving use that these stone objects are given life.

Trisha McQuade



Jack Molnar


Capturing the beauty of our seacoast one day and one shot at a time.

Terry Monahan


Life's Views

Betty Morell

Ulrike Morollo

Vicky Moyer

Watercolor/ collages from original photos

Honoring Christ in artwork

David Nylin


Pottery for the ages.

Judy O'Brien

Watercolors & Mixed Collages

When I am not in my studio painting, you can find me at the beach looking for treasures and inspiration.

Midge Ovenshire

Yuriy Petrov

Sharon Reder

David Ruigrok

Constance Sabella

Victor Santos

Claudine Scheu

Acrylics, oils, mixed media

Creating art to make a difference - for me, for you and for the world!

Fred Shaney

Kimberly Slear

Beverly Sloper

Sharon Sorrels

Kimberli Esther Spolar

Emmy Stanton

Kathy Strauss

photography & mixed media

Live life, love life, paint life, create life! I love showing people that as humans, we are innately creative & everyone’s an artist.

Kathleen Stuart

Encaustic Wax, Fiber Art

Explorer, teacher, lover of life.

Paul Sullivan

Joe Tempel


Trying to portray the essence of life in the natural and manmade worlds.

Gloria Timmons

Stephen R. Toman

Jillian Tomkovich

Kathy Turnauer

Non Participating

Rod Vamosi


Celebrate Life with Art

Fred Veal

Pat & Cathie Walsh

Photography / Digital Art

Photography: Capturing real "Moments in Time" for others to enjoy!

JungleMike's Art & Prints/Mike Whitehead


Make your rooms come alive, with beautiful vibrant art.

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