Woody BowerPresident Gallery & FinanceFinance, GalleryHome: 843.650.8547
Cell: 843.424.2633
Dick FrembergVice PresidentMembership,PublicityCell: 843.602.8162
Bill MaurerSecretaryArt In common, Sunshine
Home: 843.748.0133
Cell: 413.748.2273
Fred ShenayTreasurerFinanceHome: 843.651.1827
Cell: 843.241.1363
Millie DoudGallery, Home: 843.497.4294
Kelly GilbertMembershipCell: 443.745.0793
Pat MarianoPrograms/Events, Gallery, PublicityHome: 843.293.0034
Sandra AndersonPrograms/Events (Member Shows)Home: 843.903.4621
Welcome to our board member page. Here you will find our board members names, titles and contact information.