The following students were awarded ribbons at the reception last Friday. Ribbons were purchased by Seacoast:

Honorable Mentions:

Digital Art; Photo Manipulation:      Marisol Mendez      Socastee

Photography (TIE):                  Quasean Vereen:     Socastee  AND Geri Shicullaku Myrtle Beach

3D Suspended:                         Kendall Hamby:         North Myrtle Beach

3D Free standing:                    Christa Woods           Socatee

Painting:                                    Nikita Kirsanov –       North Myrtle Beach

Drawing:                                   Jennifer Ponce-         North Myrtle Beach

Mixed Media:                          Gracianna Miers-      The Academy (AAST)

Graphic Design:                       Andrew Kinlaw –        Socastee

Print Making:                           Tandem Schwartz-     North Myrtle Beach

OVER ALL SHOW Winners: (with Judges comments)

1st  Glenn Courtney              3D wood  The Academy (AAST)

“good juxtaposition of the panels showing unique design, continuity and story telling. Skillful use of media  and thoughtful presentation with use of turntable”.

2nd  Madison Poindexter     Photography     Socastee

“Dramatic and thought in lighting, creating emotion. Excellent composition”

3rd    Lauren Rose                  Charcoal drawing      Socastee

“skillful use of medium expressing form and depth , good spatial placement of image”

Thank you for sharing your students talent with our community.