Congratulations Fall Art Show Winners

February 14, 2018




























Here are the prizewinners in the Seacoast Artist Guild’s Fall Show:

Best of Show: Claire Barthold, Saddle Up


1stPlace: Charles Mill – Myrtle Beach #127

2ndPlace:  Cynthia Shuler – Big Day @ the Beach

3rdPlace: Tony Hendricks – Navigator

Honorable Mention: Katherine Weber – Christmas Cookie

Honorable Mention: Nancy Donahue – Squash Blossoms

Honorable Mention: Gloria Timmons – Tranquility

Honorable Mention: Michael Shimoji – Untitled


1stPlace: Gerald Moore – Wings

Honorable Mention: Debanjana Bhattacharjee & Michael Shimoji – Unspoken

Photography & Digital Art

1stPlace: Sandra Anderson – View of the Agean

2ndPlace: Christine Lizzul – Bless America

3rdPlace: Jack Molnar – Fire in the Sky

Honorable Mention: Cathie Walsh – Sunrise Fishing Buddies